Which is one of the biggest problem a musician need to face soon or later?
Create a band. Which usually means looking for other musicians. Which is not an easy task.
At all.
Let’s think about it. When looking for other people to play with, you need a musician that play:

1) A specific instrument
2) A specific music
3) With a certain level of experience / expertise
4) Who lives in your city

And usually this process, I can tell you, it’s completely random: “I heard that a friend of someone might be interested in playing this kind of music, do you want me to call him?”

Fortunately today we live in the Internet age and we have sites like Veenue.

Veenue is the world’s first online music collaboration platform letting musicians create collaborative videos together. Basically they will be able to upload their own clips and make them become part of something bigger, part of a collective video made up of contributions from artists spanning the whole world.

Moreover the site lets musicians take rehearsals to Facebook via its provided app. This will let them train their skills online.

The site was launched on the 3rd of October 2011 and Dario Zampetti (founder & CEO of Veenue) announced that more features will be implemented soon – amongst other a mobile app to make it easier to upload files on a musician’s profile.

At the moment there’s even a competition to win a new VW Beetle, so if you’re handy with a plectrum, microphone or piano, sign up and get jamming.

At the very least, you’ll end up with a new band, ready to hit the road of your world tour.

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