What would you do in front of a mountain of jeans? Hard to say.

But a multi-genre musician, sound designer and visual artist like Andrew Huang seems to know exactly what to do.

A music. Yes, with 1000 pairs of jeans.

One day shooting and 20-30 hours of video editing with Final Cut Pro did the work.

Some background: unable to find a job, Andrew started posting eBay auctions where the winning bidder would have received a song, written and recorded by him. Eventually M Jeans (company producing jeans exclusively for tall men) approached Andrew to create a song for them that celebrates jeans.

In M Jeans words: “We believe that even ill-fitting jeans have something to contribute. That’s why we asked many of our customers to send us their obsolete pair…and approached artist Andrew Huang to do something never heard before: create a musical celebration of jeans”.

And I can tell you, he did.

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  • Francesca

    Cool! Still unsure whether this is music, performing arts or…advertising!!

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