How many people in the world enjoy, like, study and play Led Zeppelin’s songs? What would they do if they could get together and record a cover of Black Dog?

The answer is here, thanks to YouTube, the latest video editing technologies and 100 passionate musicians.

After talking about music collaboration (First Online Music Collaboration Platform) and creative music mashup (Music With 1000 Pairs Of Jeans), we can now enjoy the first user generated mashup video cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Black Dog” starring 100 musicians from all around the world.

Israel-based producer Ophir Kutiel (better-known as Kutiman) is the author of this amazing and innovative cover that was screened at Flatpack Film Festival as part of Home Of Metal celebrations. The screening took place in Wolverhampton, not far from Led Zeppelin’s old stomping ground.

Apart from the amazing technical work, this is definitely a tribute to all the people who love music, who sit alone in a room with their instrument, who transcribe a solo, who play the music they love, eat, breath and have in their minds all the time.

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