Do you remember the phonograph? The giant horn that emitted sounds invented by Thomas Edison? It was 1877.

Today we are in 2011 and you could say this is an obsolete technology. Well it isn’t. At all.

The Italian company en&is re-invents the basic sound amplifier creating the “Megaphone”: a sound amplifying device that does not need any batteries to operate.

Designed for iPhone and made of ceramic, the Megaphone is perfect for listening music without headphones since its shape has been designed to amplify and optimize the best sound output.

In short, its mere design does all the work. Brilliant, isn’t it?

About en&is: “Their approach to projects is aimed at creating poetic objects that tell something to those who observe them, creating a little magic with their designs so as to make every room, place, or environment an enjoyable place to be. They believe that every object which is able to draw a smile contains within it a little spell and so has a reason to exist in a market already overflowing with objects”.

The Megaphone looks quite classy – finished off with glossy paint in white and black – , it’s functional and it will certainly improve the look & feel of your apartment / house / villa / castle (whenever you live).

You can buy it here.

Moreover, it’s almost Christmas. And someone might need a gift.

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