Sometimes we think about the future and we imagine things that right now do not even exist.

Think about “Back To The Future” (do you remember the 1985 American science-fiction movie produced by Spielberg?): they imagined the “hoverboard”, a flying skateboard without wheels. Now, after 26 years, some researchers in the  Paris-Diderot University have invented it. Can’t believe it? Have a look here.

Talking about musical instruments instead, close your eyes and try to imagine the guitar of the future.

Now open your eyes and watch this video. Here it is.

It’s called “Misa Kitara” (the name comes from the Finnish word for “guitar”) and it allows for a guitar player to produce a synthesized sound using techniques and motions referential to guitar playing.

Don’t get trapped by the idea: “oh, that would never sound like an electric guitar”. It’s obvious.

An electric guitar is made out of wood and strings. The sound generated comes from the very vibration of the string, interfering with a magnetic flux and inducing an electric voltage, which is then amplified.
Here you have 8 inch digital screen that will allow the player to control elements of the sound without physical constraints.

Here the ancient gesture of playing a guitar is merging with the latest technology of electronic music.
Here the vibration of a string has been replaced with sounds that can be morphed in infinite ways.
Here the right hand doesn’t pluck strings, it controls sound.

So don’t compare the kitara to acoustic guitars or electric guitars. Those are different instruments, for different art forms, for different music.

And this is the future.

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  • Shelly

    Bought my son one of these for his 16th birthday and it is amazing!  He can’t stop playing it and he absolutely loves it!  As for Misa Digital and their team:  They are an absolutely amazing group of people who put satisfying their customers as a number 1 priority and they are a pleasure to communicate with!  This company and their product/products are going to make their mark in a big way!

    • Boob

      Who buys their 16-year old a $1000 guitar?

      • Jonathan Arrabito

        Awesome parents.

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