You must have tried a scavenger hunt at least once in your life.

You know, gathering all the items on a list, performing tasks in creative ways, asking the most unlikely things to random people on a street. And all for one thing: winning, no matter what.

Well, now a scavenger hunt may represent a new way of promoting a music album.

That’s what actually electronic music artist Noah Wall did: he hid copies of his new album Hèloïse all over Manhattan in a pattern that, when viewed on Google Maps, spelled out his record’s title “Hèloïse”.

This scavenger hunt project is called 38 FIGURES IN HIDING! and, to get an idea and view photos of all the hiding spots you can have a look here.

Here you have the video of the first song of the album, “Mind Games”:

The combination of the latest technology of Google Maps with homemade packets and music records is unique. Add the excitement of a treasure hunt in New York City and, as inevitable result, you’ll get a reinterpretation of what any music fan does: looking for, literally “hunting” new, hidden, amazing music.

And as always, in the game as in real life: finder’s keepers.

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