I guess all of you have a favorite artist, band, singer, musician. Am I right?

Everyone does. More or less.

The problem comes when you have already listened everything this artist has produced, created, recorded and sold. What do you do at that point?

ArtistGraph, a new Chrome Experiment, could give you a hand.

You just need to go to the ArtistGraph Chrome Experiment Page, click on “Launch Experiment” and type in your “most favourite artist in the whole wide world”.

You will then receive a shiny 3d graph describing how other artists are related to your favourite one. Data is pulled from last.fm API, WebGL thanks to three.js, GUI uses extJS and JSONp requests with jQuery.

In other words, it works.

The search engine is pretty accurate and then you can play with the repulsive / attractive force.

In other words, it’s fun.

Give it a try.


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