Once upon a time there was music.

Then someone invented the concept of music video.

Now the Japanese rock band Androp created the music video game.

You just need to type in your message, the name of your recipient (you can even insert the Twitter name of your friend) and the words of your message will create an animal that you will be able to control with your keyboard. Jump, run and do whatever you can to correctly deliver your message to your friend. Watch out! If you hit an enemy your message will get messed up so try to avoid all of them to send the correct message “safe & sound”.

You can play to this nice music video game here.

Here how the concept is described in their own words:

“Bell” sings about taking action based on your instinct and impulse.

As we listened to the upbeat track, some keywords such as “words”, “future”, “run” started to stand out from the lyrics. These words led us to think of a visual experience around the theme of “delivering a message”.

These days communication are established so fast & easy thanks to technologies such as mobile phone, email, Twitter, etc.

But is there something that is getting lost in this type of fast communication? That’s why we thought it would be interesting if we can instead extend that moment of communication and create an entertainment about the journey of delivering a message.

This thought developed into the idea of the “Bell” music video game.

Your message will transform into an animal, which you can control and travel through the landscape which is synchronized to the music.

Please enjoy this new music video game experience.

I definitely enjoyed.

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