I got D Wave composed with the feet of dancers belonging to a famous company of American choreographers: “Pillobus”.

If you do not believe it go ahead, click this link and you will see the dancers composing the name of this blog :-)

I know, it will be hard to believe but I haven’t paid a famous American dance company for this. This is simply the new video by OK Go who are, for who does not know, an American alternative rock band founded in 1998. In collaboration with Pillobus and the Google staff have participated to the Chrome Experiments and have created this beautiful video.

The video exploits the use of canvas elements made ​​possible through the HTML5 specifications to create something unique and original. It’s incredible to see how these new technologies and web experiments make possible unprecedented collaborations between different disciplines (in this case music, choreography and video editing) and open the doors to forms of art and creative possibilities that now we can’t even imagine.

Since Chrome Experiments is an initiative by Google designed to test the functionality of your browser, you will need to use Google Chrome to open the interactive version of the video.

How does it work? Very simple: go to this address, type in a phrase or a word and the dancers, at the end of the video, will “write” it with their choreography.



“Chrome Experiments is a showcase for creative web experiments, the vast majority of which are built with the latest open technologies, including HTML5, Canvas, SVG, and WebGL. All of them were made and submitted by talented artists and programmers from around the world. We hope the projects on this site provide inspiration for anyone interested in experimenting creatively with the web. And we hope they show how the web has become faster, more fun, and more open [...]“.

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