Flea had described this single as “a hard pop music mixed with the classic funky sound of the band, with a powerful bass line and vocals that remind a little the Roliing Stones of Exile On Main Street and Tattoo You“.

After 5 years, the wait has been finally dissolved by the world premiere launch of the radio station ”KROQ”.

So, what about?

The bass line is powerful, and even the vocals that recall the Rolling Stones. What is missing however is John Frusciante funky style, replaced instead by the standard power chord rock lines of Josh Klinghoffer. Not that this is a bad thing in itself, but it is certainly, as you might expect, a change in the musical style of the band.

Not the best we have heard from the Red Hot, but it’s also not the worst: as usual, a single can hardly give a precise idea of how the album will be (whose official release is expected by August 30), so we just have to wait.

Another point of interest will be also represented by the fact that on this album, for the first time in the career of the Red Hot, there will be the contribution of the piano played by Flea.

Meanwhile, the single has received 30,000 hits in the first 10 hours.

Give it a listen here: KROQ website. What do you think?

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