There are people who study music for years and then play the music of others.

There are people who go beyond, improvise and compose their music.

And then there are people who change forever the way of making music.

Jordan Rudess is one of them.

After having made amazing sound with the Continuum, an instrument developed by Haken Audio, Jordan continues his journey towards musical experimentation and innovation with SampleWiz, an incredible new application for iPad (and iPhone).

Created in collaboration with Kevin Chartier (who has created the code needed at the rate of 50 working hours per week), SampleWiz revolutionizes the way to make music and be musicians and transforms the iPad in a real musical instrument. This short video should give you an idea of what I mean.

With SampleWiz the sonic “explorers” will create samples, recording and reproducing in no time the sounds they want. They can even edit them with the feature “touch the wave” that will allow them to literally touch the sound wave to change it.

SampleWiz will also allow you to play instantly with a rich library of signature sounds created by Jordan Rudess (including the famous ”pig” sound). For a complete showcase of what this app can do, watch the following video (at 2.14 min a short solo by Jordan).

The keyboard is dematerialized and it actually turned into something different and more manipulable: the mind of the musician can now travel freely, playing individual notes, slide down the keyboard, touch the sound wave, taking advantage of the multi-touch screen of modern tablet.

All this opens up endless possibilities for experimentation and musical innovation. And, why not, to a future where traditional instruments will be set aside to play instead with multi-touch screens that offer possibilities and combinations of sounds that now we don’t even imagine.

SampleWiz can be purchased from the App Store for € 7.99.

For € 7.99, I would say not bad.

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