Do you remember when I was talking about ”endless possibilities for experimentation and musical innovation” and a distant future where “traditional instruments will be set aside to play instead with multi-touch screens”?


Well, it seems that the future has already arrived, and we did not even notice it.


The Project RnL and Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater keyboardist) are experimenting with new solutions playing music with…iPad. Yes you got it, not guitar, piano, saxophone or keyboards, but iPad.

If you do not believe it, listen to the first two minutes of the song “Another One”:

Beyond the eclectic vocals of Ray, it’s amazing to see how everything we’ve heard has been played, for two minutes, only with iPad apps.

Another (maybe more catchy) example of iPad + real instruments collaboration is the song “The Avenger”:

Eventually, I know what many of you were wondering by reading this post, and it is not: “what app did they use?” or “how dd they sound so good on an iPad?” but: ”What is the hell is the Project RnL”? Don’t deny it!

Well, they define themselves as follows:

“Project RnL is a new entity, led by multi personality vocalist Ray, founded in 2010. Ray is usually collaborating with musical weirdo Eyal.

The project will bring some of it’s strange, yet mysteriously appealing blend of original music and new approaches to some familiar tunes.
Our videos are shot in the now well-known genre “VideoSongs”, where the actual playing and singing are shown and edited inside the video, while we try to put something of our own in it. Hope you like it”.

This is their YouTube channel “Project RnL and they are really good.

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