Once upon a time there was jazz, the one by Charlie Parker and John Coltrane.

Today the future of jazz is from Norway and has the name of Jaga Jazzist.

Ok, now you’re wondering: ”Who ????”. I hear you, don’t deny it!

But this is precisely why I’m writing this post, to let you know about this band which is, in my opinion, one of the most underrated band of the last 10 years.

Composed of a 9-10 instruments and musicians who are almost all multi-instrumentalists, offers music that is difficult to define: ”nu-jazz”, ”post rock”,”prog rock” or “electronic” …Jaga Jazzist is all this and much more.

Moreover, perhaps not everyone knows that their first album “A Livingroom Hush”(2001) was named best jazz album from the BBC.

Today, however, to introduce you to the “world Jaga Jazzist,” I would like you to listen one of my favorite songs, the suite ”Day & Another Day” from the album “The Stix” (2002).

In the words of Martin Horntveth, drummer, leader and composer of the band, The Stix: “[...] is many of the member’s favorite album; because we think we made something unique with this album. We’d been experimenting with sounds, genres and electronics for a while but on this album we felt that we’d made it into our own style”.

In this suite the Jaga Jazzist act like an orchestra, crossing the melodies of sax, trumpets, keyboards and vibraphone. At 1.49 min there is a sound explosion that eventually declines to the main melody. The notes designed by a flute introduce us to the second part of the suite (Another Day) which has its heart in the solo trumpet at 4.27 min which brings the whole band to a crescendo that fades after 3 minutes on the initial melody. 

The entire suite last 7 minutes and 25 seconds. I would say not to lose.


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